When asphalt roadways and parking lots develop extreme surface failures such as widespread interconnected cracking resembling alligator skin, it is probably time for asphalt resurfacing, also known as asphalt overlay. The problem is that once cracks start appearing and they are not cared for, water settles into those cracks. As cracks get larger and deeper, eventually, even an overlay won't be an options. At that point you will have to spring for a whole new parking lot.

Asphalt Mix and Mill in Place (Full Depth Reclamation)

Mix and Mill in place is a cost effective means of totally rehabilitating a failing parking lot or roadway without completely replacing it. If your asphalt surface is experiencing large amounts of base and asphalt failure (depressions, pot holes, alligator cracks) a full depth reclamation may be an ideal fit for you.

Using this process, our paving experts use specialized machinery to mechanically pulverize the asphalt and then we blend it on-site with the existing base material to produce a new base material. The newly-stabilized base is graded, compacted and paved with a new asphalt surface course resulting in a totally revitalized parking lot.

Take Care of It NOW!


As opposed to mix and mill, which recycles the asphalt surface and the base layer, asphalt overlay is the placement of hot mix asphalt over existing asphalt. This pavement resurfacing technique is typically applied using an asphalt emulsion tack coat which assures proper bonding of the old asphalt layer to the new one. Overlays are recommended when the asphalt surface is weak and requires strengthening by introducing a new layer of asphalt. As soon as the freshly laid hot asphalt mix is compacted and begins to cool, the curing process begins and the new pavement becomes firm.

Subsequent to asphalt resurfacing and curing, it is recommended that the new surface be seal coated. Seal coating limits the overlay's exposure to the elements and protects the area from gas and oil drippings, sun and water penetration.


Have one of our expert technicians evaluate your parking lot's condition and make recommendations on your best course of action.